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Muy Grande - considered by many to be the best replacement humbucker for great tone

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Hand crafted, Houston Texas, U.S.A.

Vintage Pickup Looks - Humbucker with Toasted Nickel Cover

What's New at Rio Grande Guitar Pickups?

Railgunner Guitar Pickup Finally after several years of waiting, we offer the Railgunner for beefing up the bridge position on your Strat. And don't forget it's li'l brother, the Bladerunner, for neck & middle positions. Vintage Tallboy Super Classic Guitar Pickup Super Classic Gain enhanced clarity for your neck position and adopt a cool new visual in the bargain! The Bone Acoustic Guitar Pickup Finally, a bucker for your ASAT!
P-Zazz Bass Pickup P-Bass? J-Bass? How'bout, "P-Zazz"?
Jazz style magnetism in a '51 P Package!
Uh huh...yummy!
For Jazzmaster! Jazzmaster and then some..peep these! Dirty Harry Humbucking Double your pleasure, double your fun!
Dirty Harry Humbucking.