Baby Dawgbucker

Though not an actual P-90, this pickup will mount in a standard Dawgear P-90 footprint.
Product#: BYHDB
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Dirty Harry

Like it's namesake, the Dirty Harry for Tele emulates the tonal characteristics of a P-90 pickup, but made for a Telecaster bridge opening.

Big Bottom

The first ever direct replacement pickup for G&L® ASAT's are of course from Rio Grande! With a Vintage Tallboy in the neck and a Muy Grande in the bridge this replacement set for your ASAT offers a very balanced selection when switching between your neck & bridge positions. The Muy Grande in the bridge gives plenty of fattened up classic tone without the "squeal" often found in other guitars. The Vintage Tallboy in the neck is smooth and glassy.... Neck pickup supplied RWRP. COVERS NOT SUPPLIED ...Use the covers that came with your ASAT.


Same as the "Bars" but with "Dawgear" covers. Available in creme and black.

Vintage Tallboy

Comprised of one Vintage Tallboy Tele Bridge and a Vintage Tallboy Tele Neck, this set is truly an "enhanced" and upgraded version of the Classic Tele sets of the 50's and 60's.

Barbeque Bucker

A classic 50's style Humbucking, but alot more horsepower under the hood! Our most popular humbucking to date. Recommended bridge position.