BBQ Tron

Finally our first entries into the “TRON” family of guitar pickups! The sweet and universal tones of our BBQ humbucking have been “Tronified” for your playing and listening pleasure. BBQ Tron : Gretsch style custom replacement guitar pickup
Product#: BBQTRON

We’ve been putting it off for years…but no longer.

The sweet and universal tones of our BBQ humbucking have been “Tronified” for your playing and listening pleasure.

For all fans of the BBQ’s, you can now add those fat tones to any guitar outfitted with this style of pickup.

Shown here with direct to body mount option, the ring mount and pickguard mount options are also available.

Offered in Nickel, Gold, Toasted Nickel, and Distressed Nickel, these beauties are certain to find many new homes across the planet.

BBQ Tron : Gretsch style custom replacement guitar pickup

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BBQ Tron blaze
Installed this on a Godin, all mahogany guitar, Les Paul Jr. styling, and basically, it far, far blows away any other pickup I've had in the guitar.  Exactly as advertised, "Not a distortion pickup, just more muscle" and I mean a lot more.  No thin tones here.  Very different tonality than a run-of-the-mill Filtertron pickup.  So, if you're looking for  Filtertron replacement to sound like two other high-end pickup winders I can think of (sparkle/jangle stuff), this isn't the pickup for you.  On the other hand, if you want something that can blow your balls off at 50 paces and get about the fattest tone you're likely to hear on upper register notes, this is definitely the pickup for you.  That said, I did find it a bit more sensitive to string height than some other pickups, namely closer to the strings sounded better.  Also, resistance wind was an issue.  Had two, one wound for about 12.3k and the other wound hotter at about 13.5.  I found the 12.3k to sound more articulate with none of the 'blur' I occasionally found with the 13.5k.  Overall, just a killer, killer pickup.  
From: Lloyd | Date: 7/21/2016 10:07 AM
PAF-ish tone in a Filtertron size...
I can't add much to the earlier review posted: it's spot on.  What I can add is this:   I put these in a Cabronita Thinline.  They sound pretty much nothing like regular Filtertrons, and in my opinion give a much more PAF or even Wide Range Humbucker flavor to a guitar with Filtertron-sized cavities.  Thick, thick, thick, clear and LOUD. Not a distortion pickup: just LOUD.  I love them.  I went through several Filtertron models of the "most famous" aftermarket Filtertron builder, and this BBQ Tron set blew them out of the water, in this guitar. More mids, thicker highs, "more muscle", just as Rio Grande describes.  
From: Eric | Date: 10/20/2020 5:26 AM
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