Big Bottom Box

(Crunchbox Bridge and Punchbox Neck)
Product#: BBXS

(Crunchbox Bridge and Punchbox Neck)

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Mock 4... A custom pickup for electric mandolin

Dual Calibrated

Balanced for your guitar in two distinct ways. First, standard calibration of DC resistance output in ohms or "k", and magnetic power calibration as well! Muy Grande in the bridge,Halfbreed in the middle, and the Vintage Tallboy in the neck....Middle Pickup is supplied RWRP

Texas Barbeque

(BBQ Bucker Bridge and Genuine Texas Neck)


Designed to have similar characteristics to our full sized BBQ Bucker, but redefined for Strat applications.

Muy Grande

A powerful replacement for the TeleĀ® bridge, the Muy Grande gives you that classic tone you've come to expect, but a lot more of it!