Bridge Pickups for Telecasters

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Greasegunner for Tele® Bridge

The Greasegunner humbucking for Tele Bridge position is a bad ass mother that is so powerful it will knock your socks clean off. Designed to be a direct drop-in for most Telecaster-style guitars, the Greasegunner is available in multiple colors for cosmetic enhancement.

Vintage Tallboy

Enhanced vintage features provides a classic, full range Tele tone, plus you get additional bite without "ice pick in the ear" pain. Twang, baby, twang!


The "Shorthorn" pickup for the Tele bridge position is an enhanced 50's style endeavor to satisfy even the most picky tone connoisseurs. With vintage correct features, the Shorthorn is not only a great sounding bridge pickup, but is a visually appealing piece when replacing an old pickup gone bad, or building a relic style guitar from scratch....comes with waxed cotton coil wrapping and cloth covered vintage style pushback hookup leads.....


"People kept asking for a compromise between our Vintage Tallboy and Muy Grande Tele pickups.

Muy Grande

A powerful replacement for the TeleĀ® bridge, the Muy Grande gives you that classic tone you've come to expect, but a lot more of it!

CC Bridge

Like the snaarling Lap steels of old, this monster will crunch down on your ears like no other. Literally biting them off in the process. Quite possibly our gnarliest Tele bridge pickup. Not for the squeamish, its blade design will drop right in. Never feel like your bridge position is too "thin" again......

Dirty Harry

Like it's namesake, the Dirty Harry for Tele emulates the tonal characteristics of a P-90 pickup, but made for a Telecaster bridge opening.

Muy Grande '72 Wider Range Humbucking

Now there is a choice. This fantastic replacement for '72 and other oversized humbucking Tele's is the only one of it's kind available.

Vintage Tallboy Twangbucker

The Vintage Tallboy Twangbucker for bridge doubles your pleasure with two of our Vintage Tallboy Tele bridge pickups.

Muy Grande Twangbucker

Just like the Vintage Tallboy Twangbucker above, the Muy Grande delivers extreme versatility but is jacked up several notches...

Vintage Tallboy Twangbucker Assembly with Bridge and Saddles

The Vintage Tallboy Twangbucker from Rio Grande satisfies a major need for guitarists who own Teles* or Tele style guitars, but want more versatility.

Muy Grande Twangbucker Assembly with Bridge Plate and Saddles

Want more beef? Try the Muy Grande Twangbucker bridge assembly. Custom made stainless steel bridge with six individually intonatable saddles is included.