Buffalo Texas Set

(Genuine Texas Bridge and Buffalo Bucker Neck)
Product#: BFTXHS

(Genuine Texas Bridge and Buffalo Bucker Neck)


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A classic 50's style Humbucking, but alot more horsepower under the hood! Our most popular humbucking to date. Recommended bridge position. 2-Conductor cable

Genuine Texas

A bit less powerful than the BBQ, this one is ballsy and rich when wide open yet clean with lots of top and bottom when rolled back slightly. Fusion, Boogie, or down and out Blues City! Great neck position pickup when combined with a Barbeque Bucker in the bridge. Braided 2-Conductor cable.

Hardtail Bridge

Hardtail Bridge in raw, matte finish

Big Bottom

(Muy Grande Humbucking in the Bridge and a Tallboy Humbucking in the Neck)

Dirty Harry

The Dirty Harry Tele set adds a P-90ish edge to your trusty Telecaster.