Buffalo Texas Set

(Genuine Texas Bridge and Buffalo Bucker Neck)
Product#: BFTXHS

(Genuine Texas Bridge and Buffalo Bucker Neck)


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Clean to Rock and a touch beyond
I had Rio Grande put these in a boutique semi hollow guitar. So dang good. The Buffalo in the neck is a star... get ya some of those 335 tones, but without overpowering bass. Vintagey for sure, and clear. They handle gain just fine, Think neck PAF.

The Texas in the bridge is great for classic rock up to grunge stuff. It isn't going to be what a huge metalhead wants... especially the modern type tone, but it can't be faulted for that. Not what it is meant for... it brings plenty of rock though... A plus PAF in the gain stage for sure.

My guitar came with some small builder PAFs, but these just smoke them.... from clean to rock. Rio Grande are just better for this guitar. Let's go.
From: Bryan | Date: 1/15/2024 8:47 PM
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