Charlie Christian Tele Set

Our neck and bridge Charlie Christian pickups in a set for ease of purchase.....
Product#: CCTS

Like the snaarling Lap steels of old, the bridge pickup will crunch down on your ears like no other. Literally biting them off in the process. Quite possibly our gnarliest Tele bridge pickup. Not for the squeamish, its blade design will drop right in. Never feel like your bridge position is too "thin" again......

This "Charlie Christian" style Tele neck pickup will add new fullness and body to the neck position of your Tele, or any other guitar. The 3 point mount allows for height adjustment and tilting within the smallest possible footprint. Not a "single" coil, per se,....not a P-90 or Humbucking either,  something different and awesome!!!  Our customers have been asking us for years to build it. Alnico 5 mags for warmth and power.  The nickel plated high carbon steel blade  has a 12" radius which will accommodate virtually all guitars.

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