Dirty Harry

The Dirty Harry Tele set adds a P-90ish edge to your trusty Telecaster.
Product#: DHTS
Upgrade your hookup leads to vintage pushback

The Dirty Harry Tele set adds a P-90ish edge to your trusty Telecaster. The clean, sharp, and hard to handle brittle sounds are gone...replaced by a sizzling growl and suatain that makes you keep picking up that guitar again, and again, and again.But make no bones about it, the round pianolike core tone is still there inside the added on insulatory P-90 vibe. Playing a Tele was never so easy....Neck pickup supplied RWRP.....Bridge CER...12K.....neck CER...8K

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Dirty harrys are fat!!!!
Full, thick like a humbucker and clear as a single. Some might like a Jr in the neck but for blues. You don't need an overdrive pedal with these pups. Not for the traditionalist who likes trebley twang. I like my mids and still find myself rollin back on them. I put them in my thin line select, sound more like an ES 339 sometimes. A+++++ i'm switching all my fenders to Rio Grande
From: Peter | Date: 7/1/2017 10:42 AM
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