Rio Grande Pickups was founded in 1893 (OK, 1993). We have been repairing and dealing used and vintage guitars since 1972. Since the first ever vintage guitar show, which took place in Dallas, Texas in 1978, We are veterans of as many or more guitar shows than just about anyone.

We began winding  electic guitar pickups as far back as 1978 as part of a rigorous regimen of repairing, restoring, and dealing vintage electric guitars. We were always interested in the design and construction of pickups but was involved in many other guitar related businesses. We are extremely pleased to say that we have now realized a dream to actually produce a high quality American-made pickup which will contribute to the evolving sound of the electric guitarist.

Rio Grande Electric Guitar Pickups are custom wound and "seasoned to taste" in a "low tech/high tone" environment. We believe they are among the finest replacement pickups that can be found north (or any other direction) of the Rio Grande.

We'll be extending this history soon with more about how Rio Grande grew to become all it is today.  Meanwhile, check out the growing list of pro players using Rio Grandes.

Read what some of them (and lots of you) have to say about these pickups!