The ultimate MM 5 string style passive replacement. 20 pole pieces, 20k output winding with true splitting capabilities.

We have finally come up with the Rio Grande version of an MM 5 string pickup.  This pickup boasts 20 pole pieces - each string getting the full attention of four ALNICO 5 magnets, with a mega wide apeture to satisfy just about any string spacing.  Two fully wound coils allow for humbucking, split or parallel operation.  20k output.  Say goodnight to your active electronics! Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


Width 4.63", height 1.92", mounting centers 4.375"

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Texas BBQ Tron Set

Finally our first entries into the “TRON” family of guitar pickups! The sweet and universal tones of our Texas BBQ humbucking set have been “Tronified” for your playing and listening pleasure. Texas BBQ Tron Set : Set of 2 Gretsch style custom replacement guitar pickups

Fat Bastard

An edgy name for an edgy pickup! Though actually a single coil pickup, this replacement pickup for humbucking style guitars gives players the tone of the classic P-90's* of the '50's with a little extra South Texas funk thrown in. Fits a standard Humbucking mounting ring! Crunch all you want, we'll make more!" Also available in RWRP. Similar in appearance to the Bastard, The "Fat Bastard" offers more output while retaining a nice top end. Recommended for bridge position with a RWRP Bastard in the neck.

Baby Texas

Baby Texas Baby Texas

Baby BBQ

Honey, I shrunk the pickups!!! The long awaited "BABY" Texas and BBQ humbuckings are in. After much tinkering around and "beaucoup" prototypes, we are introducing these l'il beauties for your tonal consumption. With outputs of 10k and 12k respectively, the Baby TX & BBQ are head and hands above other more anemic offerings out there in guitardom. Since this type of pickup was introduced in the 60's in various forms (Epiphones, Firebirds) and the 70's Les Paul Deluxe, they have always come up short in power and presence. Those days are gone now with these "babies" entering the field. Included are over sized polepieces, radiator baseplate, and a number of finishes including chrome, nickel, and toasted nickel. A "no holes" cover option is also available for applications where an historic look is required. For applications requiring three pickups, use a Baby BBQ in the bridge and two Baby TX's. Pickups are double wax potted and 2 conductor braided cable is standard..4 conductor optional. Muscle, output, and full sized polepieces combine to bring it all home....Baby BBQ is recommended for bridge position...12k

Vintage Tallboy

Our most popular pickup to date, this “non stag” model offers enhanced replication of the good ol’ tonecasters. A5....7.2K