Muy Grande for P-Bass

Muy Grande for P-Bass
Product#: MGP

Muy Grande for P-Bass

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The best ever
I've been playing for 30 years. I've owned and played hundreds of instruments. No P Bass pickup sounds better, to me, for rock than the Muy Grande. I own 3 sets. If it takes a P bass pickup a Muy Grande gets put in. They record well and sound amazing live. They've got punch and a hollow growl that I just fell in love with.  Seriously great. They've made cheap instruments sound great and expensive instruments sound better. I've tried hard to find something better, to me nothing better exists.
From: Samuel | Date: 5/15/2018 4:08 PM
Muy Grande P bass pickup
Hi Dave, these are my all time favorite, go to, P bass pickups. I have them in three of my bass guitars, and always play, comeback to, and love the sound of my basses with
these in them. Awesome output with that active pickup vibe, but with the beautiful organic passive tone!
From: Tony | Date: 5/7/2020 6:06 PM
Perfectly balanced Hot pickup
I've been looking around for hot pickups that gave me the closest Roger Waters post 80' tone.
These pickups here are the ones with the most closest tone compared to the old Schecter P-04 (the Waters 80' pickups). A dark growl well balanced and not scooped pickup. My precision sounds like it should have finally
From: Enzo | Date: 6/9/2020 6:07 AM
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