Muy Grande P-J

Muy Grande P-J Muy Grande P-J
Product#: MGPJS

Muy Grande P-J   Muy Grande P-J   Muy Grande P-J   Muy Grande P-J

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How many times have you heard a bass player say " man, I've been playing these active pickups for years , ...... I've always been an active guy...... but I think I need a change."

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Muy Grande 51 for P-Bass

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The perfect combination..the best of both worlds! Vintage Tallboy meets Muy Grande!! We took one of each, put ‘em in a blender, then into the oven and out popped the Halfbreed! More juice than a Tallboy, but not quite as much power as the Muy Grande, the Halfbreed is the ideal mix of our two popular single coils.....A5...7.4K