July 18, 2012

Baby Texas and BBQ Mini Humbuckings
Honey, I shrunk the pickups!!!   The log awaited "BABY" Texas and BBQ humbuckings are in.  After much tinkering around and "beaucoup" prototypes, we are introducing these l'il beauties for your tonal consumption.
With outputs of 10k and 12k respectively, the Baby TX & BBQ are head and hands above other more anemic offerings out there in guitardom. Since this type of pickup was introduced in the 60's in various forms (Epiphones, Firebirds) and the 70's Les Paul Deluxe, they have always come up short in power and presence.
Those days are gone now with these "babies" entering the field. 
Included are over sized polepieces,  radiator baseplate, and a number of finishes including chrome, nickel, and toasted nickel. A "no holes" cover option is also available for applications where an historic look is required. For applications requiring three pickups, use a Baby BBQ in the bridge and two Baby TX's.
Pickups are double wax potted and 2 conductor braided cable is standard.
The Pitbull Humbuckings for Bass
For years we have satisfied those in need of a guitar humbucking sized pickup fpor basses.  The Pitbull Humbucking has been installed in Les Paul Basses, Steinbergers, Epiphones, custom builds, and a slew of other cool instruments needing a pickup with those dimensions. Many problems have been solved and much awesome tone has been released. The one Pitbull humbucking for bass has delivered the goods while recieving praise and zero complaints (no complaints, but some questions).
Now, in response to the question "do you make a neck and a bridge version, or is it just one model?"........ we have introduced the Pitbull Humbucking Set.
By default, we now offer a neck and a bridge version of a steadfast boombox of a tone generator to help you balance output when two pickups are required.  Electrical output and magnetic power have both been enhanced for the new Pitbull Bridge pickup, while the neck version remains the same trusty beast we have been producing for over 15 years.
So, when you need the look, the power, and the awesome single coil splittability of our true-splitting humbuckings, check out the new Pitbull Humbucking set, or either one of the uniquely different single  pickups.  Both come stock with 4 Conductor cable and a variety of closed cover and open coil configurations and colors.