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It has the fat twang you know you want, chords are more balanced and single notes are ringing and sweet
Rio Grande Muy Grande Set For Strat
Sound Perceived output level: slightly more output Tone: bass w/o fart, great low mids, slightly less glass on top, very fat and balanced Sonic evaluation: If you are basically a keeper of "Fender" tone but need to kick it in the ass with more low, low mids and a bit less dog screaming highs, this is your pickup! It has the fat twang you know you want, chords are more balanced and single notes are ringing and sweet. It's an improvement on the classic F*nder in all the right ways.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this pickup a: 10 Fantastic value
From: A Satisfied Customer | Date: 12/16/2015 10:54 AM
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Huge giant tone
Not sure how to describe these pickups.
If you're one of those players that almost kills your guitar during your gigs, these are your pickups. They're darker and bigger than standard issue single coils. Like, thunder dark.
But still can totally do the strat thing.
I've been through almost as many pickups on my strat style guitars as girlfriends, which you know, embarrassing, but anyway, these, Lollar, and Fralins have been my favorite, and these for my ears just ever so slighlty edge out the Fralins, which is no small feat. When shit goes all loud, these have the perfect amount of understeer; ? Hard to describe but at the edges of sane volumes these pickups seem to be at their best. They are combat tested and ready to help you destroy the world with tone. Also, I think the oversized pole pieces help with keeping bent notes loud..
I can't really adequately describe the mojo these things have, but whatever is in you they will be up to the task of bringing it out. I almost kept my Anderson when I dropped these in.
Couldn't be happier with the Muy Grandes. From Grant Green to almost Tony iomni; I'm covered.
From: Ron | Date: 2/18/2017 2:21 PM
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great set of PUs
This is my second set of PUs by RG, (Big Bottom set for Tele) and in both cases I attest that they expand the tonal capabilities of the guitars they are installed in. Nice, rich and  complex sounds.
From: Max | Date: 9/19/2019 3:53 AM
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