For Rick 4001 and similar basses. Runs as a single or full humbucking with 4 conductor cable.....opening up a much wider range of sonic possibilities..
Product#: RS


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A true humbucking for people who will not compromise on the "single coil" mode of a standard humbucking type pickup. Fits a conventional humbucking cavity but when split to one coil gives you the sound of a "true" single coil. Why? ... because it is! This feature when combined with a middle position single coil will give you the ultimate "quack" tone in the #2 position of your 5-way switch. Sounds fantastic in the full humbucking mode too! A greater harmonic range than a regular bucker. Imagine the natural response of the perfect single coil buckerized! Comes in "F" spacing...."G" spacing available on request.

Muy Grande 51 for P-Bass

Muy Grande 51 for P-Bass


With 12 Mega-Polepieces for fine tuning string balance, this pickup redefines pure power, destruction, & has a flatout "Take No Prisoners" attitude. Recommended for bridge position. 4-conductor cable. "F" spaced

Muy Grande

A powerful replacement for the TeleĀ® bridge, the Muy Grande gives you that classic tone you've come to expect, but a lot more of it!

Vintage Tallboy

Enhanced vintage features provides a classic, full range Tele tone, plus you get additional bite without "ice pick in the ear" pain. Twang, baby, twang!