Pickup Sets for Stratocasters

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Dual Calibrated

Balanced for your guitar in two distinct ways. First, standard calibration of DC resistance output in ohms or "k", and magnetic power calibration as well! Muy Grande in the bridge,Halfbreed in the middle, and the Vintage Tallboy in the neck....Middle Pickup is supplied RWRP

Vintage Tallboy

(Tallboy/Tallboy/Tallboy) Provides an enhanced vintage tone with more fullness and tons of sparkle on top for ultra smooth, glassy highs. Middle Pickup is supplied RWRP.


(Halfbreed/Halfbreed/Halfbreed) Delivers classic but thicker tone all around....Middle Pickup is supplied RWRP

Muy Grande

(Muy Grande/Muy Grande/Muy Grande) Provides tons of beef and power in all 3 slots....Middle Pickup is supplied RWRP

Muy Macho

(Stelly/Muy Grande/Muy Grande) Gives you maximum, BEEF, Power, and, with the Stelly in the bridge, TWANG.......Especially good for bringing an overly heavy and thin sounding guitar back to life....Middle Pickup is supplied RWRP

Dirty Harry

(Dirty Harry/bridge--Dirty Harry Jr/neck & middle).......Do you feel lucky? Rio Grande proudly offers our newest addition to our line of replacement pickups for Strats that is guaranteed to make your day.

Run 'n Gun

Comprised of the massive Railgunner in the bridge position, and the Bladerunner for neck & middle, this set blows away all comers for power and clarity. Fully humcancelling, each of these dual coil Strat sized pickups will also actually split quite nicely. When nothing else will do......

Big Bottom

(Muy Grande/Tallboy/Tallboy) Provides enhanced vintage tone with the Vintage Tallboys in the neck and middle positions with a big, beefy, and powerful Muy Grande in the bridge position....Middle Pickup is supplied RWRP

Big Top

(MuyGrande/Halfbreed/Halfbreed) Delivers classic, yet thicker, tones in the neck and middle spots with the Halfbreed and more power with the Muy Grande in the bridge....Middle Pickup is supplied RWRP

Dual Calibrated Cuatro

The Dual Calibrated Cuatro set takes the perfect balance of its three single coil namesake. Substituting our classic "True Splitting" Muy Grande humbucking in the bridge position, only adds to its versatility. Now you get it all. When this particular humbucking splits, you get a full sized, six polepiece magnet single coil that is identical to our Muy Grande Strat pickup. You can now have your Strat and eat it too! And in full humbucking mode, it's wider range of sonic capabilities will knock your socks off. Rio Grande has been producing "True Splitting" humbuckings since 1995.......

Vintage Tallboy Slant Six Cuatro Set

Vintage Tallboy/Vintage Tallboy RWRP/Vintage Tallboy Slant Six HB.