Shipping & Returns


If you wish to purchase pickups direct from Rio Grande, please understand that if you have a problem of any kind with your pickups, you will have to return them to our factory at your own expense for evaluation.

All freight for returns and exchanges will be at the expense of the purchaser.

If you are concerned about this, please purchase your Rio Grande pickups direct from a retailer or distributor in your own country. Rio Grande will not be responsible for any freight/shipping charges of any kind or any delays caused by the time it takes to ship goods internationally.

In the event that you receive a pickup that appears to be less than described, problematic, defective, or otherwise not to your satisfaction, that pickup must be returned to us at the factory for evaluation before a replacement can be issued. Again, all shipping charges to and from Rio Grande must be paid by the purchaser.

Thank you


All in stock items "usually" ship within 48 hours on business days Other specialty items including prewired assemblies and some fancy colored pickups, sparkles in particular, may take a bit longer as we make these to order. Thank you.