Single Pickups for JAZZMASTER

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A Vintage Tallboy for your Jazzmaster! Gawd, what will they think of next? I believe the Tallboy was the first pickup Rio Grande ever made....and now you can put 'em in your trusty Jazzmaster. Clean, clear, and strong....from surftones, to infinity, and beyond......

Muy Grande

Introduced in 1994, the Muy Grande single coil has stood the test of time, and the critique of guitarists worldwide. Fat, thick, beefy, and punchy are just a few of the words used by artists and amateurs alike to describe this well loved tone generator....


Alright, start your engines! Punch City with lots of body, warmth, and oozing with soul. A P-90 style pickup recommended for bridge position (or both if you're brave!) Six adjustable pole pieces for string balancing.


This is a standard output pickup in the P-90 style with a little Rio Mojo thrown in. Smooth & Clean. A great neck position pickup. Six adjustable pole pieces for string balancing.

Genuine Texas Humbucking

A bit less powerful than the BBQ, this one is ballsy and rich when wide open yet clean with lots of top and bottom when rolled back slightly. Fusion, Boogie, or down and out Blues City! Great neck position pickup when combined with a Barbeque Bucker in the bridge. Braided 2-Conductor cable or 4-conductor.

BBQ Bucker

A classic 50's style Humbucking, but alot more horsepower under the hood! Our most popular humbucking to date....Not a distortion pickup, just more muscle. Bear down on the meat and ease up on the potato salad! Recommended bridge position. Braided 2-Conductor cable or 4-conductor.


With 12 Mega-Polepieces for fine tuning string balance, this pickup redefines pure power, destruction, & has a flatout "Take No Prisoners" attitude. Remember, if you can't budge it, get a bigger hammer! Recommended for bridge position. 4-conductor cable.


Like it's big brother (Crunchbox), the Punchbox also has 12 Mega-Polepieces for fine tuning string balance. This pickup however has a bit less output for acheiving perfect switching balance when combined with the Crunchbox in the bridge position. The Punchbox is recommended for neck position. Pickup is 4-conductor.