Single Humbuckers for Guitar

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Though not quite as powerful as its big brother the Railgunner, this baby will hold it's own against all comers, and then some.

Greasegunner for Tele® Bridge

The Greasegunner humbucking for Tele Bridge position is a bad ass mother that is so powerful it will knock your socks clean off. Designed to be a direct drop-in for most Telecaster-style guitars, the Greasegunner is available in multiple colors for cosmetic enhancement.


Designed to have similar characteristics to our full sized BBQ Bucker, but redefined for Strat applications.

Barbeque Bucker

A classic 50's style Humbucking, but alot more horsepower under the hood! Our most popular humbucking to date. Recommended bridge position.

Genuine Texas

A bit less powerful than the BBQ, this one is ballsy and rich when wide open yet clean with lots of top and bottom when rolled back slightly. Fusion, Boogie, or down and out Blues City! Great neck position pickup when combined with a Barbeque Bucker in the bridge.

Buffalo Bucker

Our most "classic" humbucking to date, two of these babies replicates a typical 50's combo . Back in those days the same pickup would be found in both neck and bridge positions. However, we have learned alot since then and prefer the Buffalo in the neck with a Genuine Texas in the bridge.

Muy Grande

All the features of the Tallboy and the Halfbreed, but the most powerful of these three HB's. Big, Beefy, & Muscular


All the features of the Tallboy but a bit higher in output and a generally beefier character. Full with a lot of bite, never thin or metallic. Perfect for the player who is almost sorry that the rear pickup cavity is so big! Comes in "F" spacing...."G" spacing available on request.


A true humbucking for people who will not compromise on the "single coil" mode of a standard humbucking type pickup. Fits a conventional humbucking cavity but when split to one coil gives you the sound of a "true" single coil. Why? ... because it is! This feature when combined with a middle position single coil will give you the ultimate "quack" tone in the #2 position of your 5-way switch. Sounds fantastic in the full humbucking mode too! A greater harmonic range than a regular bucker. Imagine the natural response of the perfect single coil buckerized! Comes in "F" spacing...."G" spacing available on request.

Dirty Harry

The new Dirty Harry humbucking arrives in response to the popularity of it’s single coil cousins (Dirty Harry for Strat and Tele), and with its “True-Splitting” 4 conductor wiring and 12 adjustable pole pieces, it brings the sweet and gnarly tones of its relatives to the humbucking family reunion.

Dirty Harry Jr.

Same as the Dirty Harry HB but calibrated for neck position. A “True-Spitting” 4 conductor pickup with 12 adjustable polepieces.


With 12 Mega-Polepieces for fine tuning string balance, this pickup redefines pure power, destruction, & has a flatout "Take No Prisoners" attitude. Recommended for bridge position. 4-conductor cable. "F" spaced


Like it's big brother (Crunchbox), the Punchbox also has 12 Mega-Polepieces for fine tuning string balance.This pickup however has a bit less output for achieving perfect switching balance when combined with the Crunchbox in the bridge position. The Punchbox is recommended for neck position. Pickup is 4-conductor. "F" spaced

Fat Bastard

An edgy name for an edgy pickup! Though actually a single coil pickup, this replacement pickup for humbucking style guitars gives players the tone of the classic P-90's* of the '50's with a little extra South Texas funk thrown in. Fits a standard Humbucking mounting ring! Crunch all you want, we'll make more!" Also available in RWRP. Similar in appearance to the Bastard, The "Fat Bastard" offers more output while retaining a nice top end. Recommended for bridge position with a RWRP Bastard in the neck.


The Fat Bastard's l'il brother, still offers alot of bang for your buck and gives players the tone of the classic P-90's* of the '50's ... A bit less output for the applications where less power is needed. Comes stock RWRP for mating with a Fat Bastard in the bridge. Fits a standard humbucking mounting ring! Can be had NWNP also for various applications...just specify when ordering.