Guitar Pickup Demos & Sound Samples 

Rio Grande Pickups are available in an incredible range of shapes, sizes, and designs for different musical characteristics. Here we present a collection of audio files to demonstrate some of the capabilities of select models. Pickups for telecaster, pickups for stratocaster, P-90, and replacement humbuckers are all demonstrated.

All tracks were recorded on Robin Guitars by Joel Gregoire and are used with his permission.


Title/Track Featured Pickups  

Texas Blues Sample

Vintage Tall Boy for Strat [Neck]  

Chicago Blues Sample

Vintage Tall Boy for Strat [Neck]  


Muy Grande for Tele [Bridge]  


BluesBar for P-90 [Bridge]  

  Poultry in Motion

Muy Grande for Tele [Bridge]   

  I Still Believe

Halfbreed for Strat (alone)-1st stanza  
Halbreed for Strat+Muy Grande for Tele[Bridge]-2nd stanza  
Halbreed for Strat+Vintage Tallboy for Strat[Neck]-3rd stanza  

 Under the Influence

Muy Grande for Strat [Neck]  
Muy Grande Humbucker [Bridge]  

 Air Freight

Genuine Texas - Rythm parts 
Muy Grande Humbucker - Lead part 

 Give Me My Pink Nickel Back

Tallboy Humbucker - Rythm parts 
BBQ Bucker - Bridge 

 Rock in Rio

Genuine Texas - [Neck] 
BBQ Bucker - [Bridge] 

 Dirty Harry Blues

Dirty Harry Jr - [Neck] 
Dirty Harry - [Bridge] 
Dirty Harry Jr - [Middle] 

  10 Miles High

Crunchbox [Bridge]  

  The Rowing Bones

Stelly [Bridge]  

 Deranged Kids of the Electric Playground

Punchbox - [Neck] 
Crunchbox - [Bridge] 

  Just Dig In

Fat Bastard [Bridge]  

  March of the Machetes

Crunchbox [Bridge]  

  Super 70s

Dirty Harry [Bridge]  

 Texas Siesta

Bastard - [Neck] 
Fat Bastard - [Bridge]