Texas Barbeque

(BBQ Bucker Bridge and Genuine Texas Neck)
Product#: TXBBQHS

(BBQ Bucker Bridge and Genuine Texas Neck)

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The Texas BBQ Pickups you cut me a sweet deal on are the best pickups I’ve ever played.
Dear owner of Rio Grande Pickups:
I want to give a long overdue thank you!!!
The Texas BBQ Pickups you cut me a sweet deal on are the best pickups I’ve ever played. I just want to say it means a lot that you’re a true good ‘ol Texan and support the military! You have made a fan of me for life.
I don’t have a lot of money doing what I do so it was just so cool!!!I wanted to give you something back...it’s not much but it’s something from what I do.
I got you two stickers: One a "Why not Minot" sticker, because that is a saying up here "Why not Minot, Freezes the Reason".
Then there is the 91st Missle Wing stickers because it’s personal...it’s the mission I am a part of.....keeping ICBM’s on on alert 24/7, 365, day and night.
Again thank you sooo much!
If you have any Rio Grande stickers you want people to see, send ‘em up and I will rep your awesome pickps.
God Bless and keep making kick ass pickups!!!
Johny Cole
From: A Satisfied Customer | Date: 12/14/2015 5:04 PM
Tearin it up here in New Mexico & other guitar players are amazed w the sound of these p/u's
I spoke w you over a year ago and you referred me to bill Richardson here in Albuquerque and he has loaded my tokai love rock w/ a genuine Texas and bbq bucker. It is the best! I have been tearin it up here in new Mexico and other guitar players are amazed w the sound of these p/u's.
Although I'm not famous by any means these reviews I get for my guitar  make me feel like I am..
thanks again for the awesome tone!
Norm Splude
Abq New Mexico
From: A Satisfied Customer | Date: 12/14/2015 5:05 PM
I can’t believe the response, it’s Alive!!
“Well, Here Goes” I thought as I unsoldered the stock pickups of my 98 Les Paul Standard. The pickups in this guitar are exceptional as far as G*bson Pickups are concerned and I really love the tones I get from this guitar using them. One of the best I’ve had in my 29 years of learning to play guitar.     That is, until now.    I got a set of Rio Grande pickups recently - 'Zebra Coil' Genuine Texas for the neck and BBQ for the bridge - I bought them to put in my Firebird Studio, but on reading some great reviews and ‘thinking about it’ I decided to pop them into the ‘Burst instead, just temporary, to see what they were like.....
Temporary became Permanent very quickly as the tone, sparkle and guts of these pickups ensured that they would be staying put in the guitar from now on ! I cannot find enough superlatives to describe the sublime sheer depth of sound these pickups have and what they have done to my Tone, Playing and the Feel of my playing, it’s all been taken up to another level, maybe even another dimension if that’s not overdoing it.
    I can’t believe the response, it’s Alive!! -I pick softly, the pickup obliges with lovely whispered weepy tones- especially the neck, I hit the strings harder on the bridge setting (through my valve amp and 4x12) and it’s with me all the way; plenty of spice, and full, rounded big tones, especially on that big ringing open ‘G’ chord- wow- and don’t get me started on the solo sounds, just lovely. This guitar was great before, now it’s nigh on close to legendary. Where have I been? Hiding under a rock? I should have got some of these years ago.
  Here in England, we’ve heard that ‘Everything’s bigger in Texas’, that so obviously includes Guitar Tone.
Thank you very, very much Rio Grande.
-Craig H Reynolds, Derbyshire, England.
From: A Satisfied Customer | Date: 12/15/2015 8:48 AM
Yeah, these BBQs satisfy, but you will hunger for more, nevertheless. Awesome response, color, tone, tone, tone. EVERYONE who hears this amazing 2010 Robin Savoy with these BBQs has the same reaction. Heads immediately swivel, like some kind of magical human-dog whistle...
Wow! What is that amazing guitar sound? Ahhhh...
It's the last Robin Savoy ever built, equipped with Texas BBQ humbuckers at the neck and bridge.
Get you some!
From: THOMAS | Date: 12/5/2018 6:17 PM
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