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Vintage Set   Vintage Set   Vintage Set   Vintage Set

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A classic 50's style Humbucking, but alot more horsepower under the hood! Our most popular humbucking to date. Recommended bridge position. 2-Conductor cable

Muy Grande

A powerful replacement for the TeleĀ® bridge, the Muy Grande gives you that classic tone you've come to expect, but a lot more of it!


The "Shorthorn" pickup for the Tele bridge position is an enhanced 50's style endeavor to satisfy even the most picky tone connoisseurs. With vintage correct features, the Shorthorn is not only a great sounding bridge pickup, but is a visually appealing piece when replacing an old pickup gone bad, or building a relic style guitar from scratch....comes with waxed cotton coil wrapping and cloth covered vintage style pushback hookup leads.....

Hardtail Bridge

Hardtail Bridge in raw, matte finish


Jazzbar - This is a "mildly enhanced" pickup in the "Soapbar" style with a little Rio Mojo thrown in. Smooth & Clean. A great neck or bridge position pickup. Available in creme and black.