Vintage Tallboy Super Classic

Gain enhanced clarity for your neck position and adopt a cool new visual in the bargain. Often imitated, but never equalled!
Product#: VTTNSC
Upgrade your hookup leads to vintage pushback

Gain enhanced clarity for your neck position and adopt a cool new visual in the bargain! Is it a secret? Uncovered Tele neck pickups sound alot better than covered ones. More clarity and definition. Some say our covered one(Tele neck classic) sounds better than most...thank you! Here you have a sonic and visual blend only found with Rio Grande.....for the first ( or maybe second) time, clarity and chrome living together in harmony........often imitated, but never equalled......SWEET!.....A5.....7K

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Secret weapon .
This thing is the best pickup ever. Not your daddy's pickups. But he would love them. They are warmer IMO great lead tone. I recommend them to anyone that will listen..
Old guy
From: kevin | Date: 6/30/2017 6:41 PM
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